The function of the department is to assist members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association to find suitable matches for their marriageable age children.

After successful registration a member can login to the website to search for a match using an online search facility. If you would like a login to the system please complete a registration form and send to the Rishta Nata department and we will provide you with the facility to search for online matches.

We only hold very basic information about our members on the website. There is no personally identifiable information and no contact details. Any follow up consultations or meetings must be arranged with the Rishta Nata Department.

If you need help to login or you have forgotten your pin code or your pin code is locked, please email to info@rishtanata.org.uk your full name and describe the problem. We will get in touch and try to resolve the problem as soon as possble.


How To Register

To register your details, follow the steps below:

Download Registration Form

Once your completed form is received, Rishta Nata departmnet will analyse your details, and after approval you will be issued with your login details.

Need help registering?


  UK - Nikah Form

  Rabwah - Nikah Form